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What's going on under the bandage?


The diagnosis of "chronic edema" covers widely, but the treatment, as we know, is the same: compression! Until now, it has not been possible to measure what actually happens under a compression bandage – and thus know if it is effective and when it is optimal to change the bandage.

Jens Ettrup, a nurse and CEO of, and doctor and medical device expert Henrik Harboe set out to change this in 2014. The result was the company Icompression, which has developed an intelligent sensor that can measure the circumference of an edema under a bandage.


What is CIMON?

CIMON is an intelligent scope gauge that measures the circumference of a chronic edema (lymph/venous edema) under a compression bandage.

We call it CIMON. CI-RCUMFERENCE (circumference) and MON-ITOR (monitor).

Information about CIMON

How does it work?

CIMON is placed on the patient's lower leg and bandaged on top as usual. It connects to an App that passes data on to the healthcare staff. The data shows when a bandage change will be optimal.


What will we achieve?

  • Streamlining a bandage course
  • Get the patient faster in maintenance treatment with compression stockings
  • Keep the swelling down, increase mobility and thus the quality of life
  • Improving the efficiency of municipal and regional resources
Development of CIMON

CIMON is CE approved in accordance with EU rules. All data is anonymized according to GDPR

We have two patents on CIMON: one on the sensor itself and one on the method itself.