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Icompression is a company under A/S. Work with CIMON started in 2014 after the idea of nurse and director of, Jens Ettrup and doctor and expert in medical devices, Henrik Harboe.

Jens Ettrup has over 30 years of experience with compression and he has continuously been curious about what happens to a chronic edema under a bandage.

Ongoing tests

Currently, CIMON is part of several test cycles

CIMON is constantly evolving and several development tracks have been started. In the long term, Icompression envisages linking the scope meter to TeleMedicine, thus simplifying the course of treatment for citizens and practitioners. In the long term, when more data is collected, it is also expected that certain types of bandages can be recommended for different patient groups. In addition, a completely new design for the sensor housing is being final-added.

Article in SÅR magazine 

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